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Welcome to Access to London

Access to London is a nonprofitable website that wishes to create a comprehensive guide for London

Our aims and objectives are to offer a comprehensive guide for London and London travel guide, accessible London travel guide which will be generated by our own website visitors. Have you ever wondered if a building is accessible? Look no further. You have found the website you have always been looking for! Select the category you’re most interested in and you will find local information about your venue and its accessibility.

If you are looking for accessible restaurants, cinemas, museums, shopping Centre’s, theatres, tourist attractions, hotels or a place to visit in London then access to London is the best place to visit. Are you planning a trip to London? At times finding budget hotels in London may sound like searching for a needle in the haystack but with Access to London it is actually very easy and possible. Our website can help find out an exact location where you want to stay in London such as restaurants with wheelchair access, London attractions centres, access London theatre, accessible cinema in London, , Information for disabled visitors and accessible museums London. Access to London is a great way to source affordable hotels and information about London travel as it gives you a comprehensive guide for London, a place to seek local help and also get London travel guide If you are looking for a reliable way to get relevant information or a help to get around London then Access to London is the best way to go. Our website provides local information and inputs that is very accurate. Anyone who is planning a trip or a tour in London can easily gather comprehensive guide for London, data and information, such as cinema listings London, transport accessibility, discovering London, London visit planner, London points of interest. At Access to London, getting the best deals and booking an affordable hotel in London is safe, quick and very easy. Welcome to London!!!


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