24 Tv Series Opens On Sky As A Simulcast

24 Tv Series Opens On Sky As A Simulcast

Thousands of telly fans stayed up until the early hours yesterday to see the return of all-action hero Jack Bauer

24 TV series in London

Jack Bauer’s new mission was aired simultaneously in Britain …

The opening two episodes of Sky 1’s hit US series 24 were simulcast with the US and proved a massive hit with fans.

The show sees Jack (Kiefer Sutherland, 47) attempt to stop the assassination of the US president in London.

Fans took to Twitter to praise the show.

Chris Pope said: “I was sceptical of the new 24.

“My sweaty palms and feet, escalating heart rate and lack of sleep say I was wrong.”

And Caleb Masters added: “Cyber pirates, drone warfare, double agents and Edward Snowden parallels…move over Homeland. Jack is back!”

If you didn’t stay up till the early hours yesterday, you can watch the opening double episode tonight on Sky 1 at 9pm.
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