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Strong Evidence’ North Korea-Linked Group Was Behind NHS Cyberattack

Strong Evidence’ North Korea-Linked Group Was Behind NHS Cyberattack

Security experts say there are “clear code connections” between the global ransomware attack and a North Korea-linked group.

There is “strong” evidence to suggest a North Korea-linked group was behind last week’s global cyberattack, security experts say.

Simon Choi, director of South Korean anti-virus firm Hauri, said the code used in the attack shared many similarities with previous hacks attributed to North Korea-linked Lazarus Group.

The same collective is believed to have been behind the 2014 hack of Sony Pictures and is also suspected of previous attacks on the global financial system. read more

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Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers

Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers

Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers, NHS braced for possible repeat of cyberattack chaos on Monday

Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers, almost 50 NHS trusts were hit by Friday’s cyberattack – and there are fears of fresh disruption today when people return to work.

Hackers exploit stolen US spy agency tools to launch massive cyber-attack on nearly 100 countries with Russia hit hard.

A global cyber-attack using hacking tools believed to have been created by the US National Security Agency (NSA) has infected tens of thousands of computers in nearly 100 countries.

Cyber-extortionists on Friday tricked victims into opening malicious malware attachments to spam emails that appeared to contain invoices, job offers, security warnings, and other legitimate files.

The ransomware then encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments of $300-$600 to restore access. Security researchers said they observed some victims paying via the digital currency bitcoin, though they did not know what percent had given in to the digital extortionists. read more

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Britain Prime Minister Theresa May First Visit to Meet Donald Trump

Britain Prime Minister Theresa May First Visit to Meet Donald Trump

British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to visit US President Donald Trump in Washington on Friday, making her the first foreign leader to meet with the newly inaugurated president.

Speaking in a televised interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr, May said she would discuss the countries’ future trade relations, the importance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Syrian conflict. “What I think is important is that when I sit down, I will talk about how I can build on this special relationship. He has already said to me that he wants to see a very strong relationship between the US and the UK in the future,” May said.

Theresa May commits to Brexit vote in UK Parliament

The British Embassy in Washington confirmed the visit to CNN, saying that the leaders would also discuss relations with Russia and the global fight against terrorism. Boosting trade with the United States will be high on May’s agenda. The prime minister said in a speech Tuesday that Britain would be looking to improve trade with countries outside the European Union once the country leaves the regional bloc. May made clear Tuesday that the country would not remain part of the EU’s single market and customs union. The EU single market is essentially a free-trade zone allowing the free movement of people, goods, services and capital. Britain voted to withdraw from the union in its “Brexit” referendum in June last year, raising concerns over whether Britain’s economy will prosper outside the single market. The US is already Britain’s second-largest trading partner by country, after Germany. Trade between both countries is already more than 150 billion pounds ($186 billion), and the US is the single biggest source of inward investment to the UK, the embassy said. May has also been invited to become the first serving foreign head of state to address the annual congressional Republican retreat, the British Embassy said. The party will map out its 2017 vision at the event, held Thursday in Philadelphia.

Trump’s comments on women ‘unacceptable’

May is Britain’s second female prime minister, and when asked by Marr whether she would bring up lewd comments made by Trump about women, she said that her mere presence at the meeting as a female leader would make “the biggest statement” about the role of women.

Women’s march: Protesters rally worldwide in solidarity

“First of all, I’ve already said that some of the comments that Donald Trump has made in relation to women are unacceptable. Some of those he himself has apologized for,” May said, before listing some of the women’s issues in which she’s been involved — including domestic violence and modern slavery. “Whenever I find there is something unacceptable, I won’t be afraid to say that to Donald Trump,” she added. The interview came a day after millions of people took part in women’s rights protests around the world to show opposition to Trump’s comments and policy agenda on women’s issues. On defense, Trump recently criticized NATO as “obsolete,” and his election has raised concerns about the alliance’s future.

Trump’s blast sends chill across Europe

NATO is a military and political alliance that bridges European nations and the United States. Russia sees the alliance as a threat to its position in the region. Trump has signaled that he wants to see a major shift in US-Russia relations in his presidency. A closer relationship between the old Cold War foes could have a significant impact on world events. On the Syria conflict, for example, the two powers stood fiercely on opposing sides at UN discussions, the Russians backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime while the US opposed him.

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Donald Trump Became The President

Donald Trump Became The President

Donald Trump Became The President, President Barack Obama is being very supportive in the transition of Donald Trump to become president of the United States on date 20 January 2017.

The Republican will replace outgoing president Barack Obama after winning the US election with 304 electoral college votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227.

Donald Trump has visited the White House and announced his cabinet that will be assisting him in his duty’s.

The process of become president is  Mr Trump will take the oath of office at around 12pm local time (5pm GMT) in front of Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme Court. read more

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Unconscious Man Pulled From Burning Car

Unconscious Man Pulled From Burning Car

Unconscious Man Pulled From Burning Car. Footage from a dashboard camera shows a volunteer fire chief dragging the unresponsive driver from his car following a collision.

Dramatic dashcam footage has emerged of a volunteer fire chief pulling an unconscious motorist from a burning car in Pennsylvania.

Nate Tracey, who works for the Goodwill Fire Company, is seen running to the man’s aid and dragging him away from the vehicle, which was engulfed in flames. read more

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Muslim Family ‘Humiliated’ After US Holiday Ban

Muslim Family ‘Humiliated’ After US Holiday Ban

Muslim Family ‘Humiliated’ After US Holiday Ban. The group of 11, including nine children, were to fly to LA from Gatwick when US officials stopped them in the departure lounge.

A British Muslim man who was stopped with his family at Gatwick airport and prevented from flying to California has said they felt “humiliated and alienated”.

The group of 11, including nine children, was about to travel to Los Angeles on a dream holiday last Tuesday when they were approached by US Homeland Security officials in the departure lounge. read more

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