David Cameron Announces Today Cuts To Child Benefit

David Cameron Announces Today Cuts To Child Benefit

  • Posted: Jan 06, 2013
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David Cameron Announces Today Cuts To Child Benefit. The Prime Minister says the change to child benefit – which will see families with an earner on more than £50,000 lose out – is the “right approach”.

 David Cameron has defended the cuts to child benefit, but on the other hand, he has stated that their fundamentally fair and necessary the changes took effect from midnight

He says that introducing these changes will raise £2billion a year, he added. If we don’t manage to raise the funds the money would have to be financed from another area so and now the group of people would be worse off

“I think people see it as fundamentally fair that if there is someone in the household earning over £60,000 you don’t get child benefit.”

It is “full steam ahead” for the coalition, Mr Cameron said as he insisted the Government had a packed agenda.

And he told Marr that he had no intention of stepping aside.

He said: “I want to fight the next election as the leader of the Conservative Party, I want to win a Conservative majority and I want to serve.”

Mr Marr interrupted: “And stay as Prime Minister for five years?”

Mr Cameron replied: “That’s exactly what I have said.”

On Monday, Mr Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will publish a mid-term review of progress the coalition government has made since 2010 and set out its top priorities for the rest of their term.

Mr Cameron said: “What you are going to see tomorrow is a coalition Government with a full tank of gas, it’s full steam ahead.

“We have travelled a long way down the road we need to travel but there is a lot more we need to do.”

“Far from running out of ideas, we have got a packed agenda, which concerns things like how do we build roads in Britain to make sure our economy keeps moving, how do we pay for the care for the elderly, how do we have a pension system that encourages saving – big things that are going to equip our country for the next decade.”

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