Felix Baumgartner, Jumping From About 39,000 Meters And Downed Records

Felix Baumgartner, Jumping From About 39,000 Meters And Downed Records

  • Posted: Oct 14, 2012
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Baumgartner landed safely on Sunday night after the jump was postponed several times due to adverse weather conditions such a bold plan.

Austrian, Felix Baumgartner 43-year-old plunged from a helium balloon from an altitude of 39,043 meters and landed safely in the desert, in the U.S. state of New Mexico.

The jumping daredevil extreme passion started from home with a record – freefall jump from the highest altitude at which venture would never beat anyone. Without being in an aircraft, Baumgartner exceeded the speed of sound, reaching 1.342 km / h, and broke the world record in free fall parachute jump, successful precedent dating from 1960 and belonging to a former U.S. Colonel Joe Kittinger .

Applauded for his incredible success, Baumgartner admitted, however, that, before descending, never thought of any record, but focused to do so as to reach his family safely. “Once you’re on top of the world, become more humble, you’re not thinking about the felling of records or to obtain scientific data – the only thing you think about while caring out stant like this is get back on Earth safe “sais  Austrian Felix Baumgartner, after jumping record, quoted by the international press.

This jump was made for science purposes.Scientistsare investigating and experimenting the space suit. In addition, the scientists hope to develop life-saving technology that could be used by high-altitude pilots, astronauts and space tourists.

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