In South Wales Today, There Has Been A Horrific Car Crash

In South Wales Today, There Has Been A Horrific Car Crash

  • Posted: Jun 20, 2013
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It has been reported that nine people are suffering from various injuries due to the driver in the  Audi car having a choking fit and accidentally hitting the accelerator instead of the brake

Also an air ambulance was sent to the scene and treated the injured the paramedics treated on the scene for the more than an hour after the Injured were airlifted to hospital

Five children and four adults – including the driver of the car and a lollipop lady – were taken to hospital.

Police said no-one had been killed in the collision, which was not thought to have been deliberate. They say the 61-year-old male driver of the vehicle is assisting officers with enquiries.

The lollipop lady was named locally as 50-year-old Karin Williams.

A black Audi was seen on its roof on the pavement just yards from a zebra crossing, near the school, before being removed by recovery workers.

A lollipop stick lay on the ground near various items of clothing.

Jeff James, the Vale of Glamorgan councillor for Rhoose, said the driver of the Audi “had a coughing fit and he hit the accelerator instead of the brake”.

“I’m on site at the moment,” he told WalesOnline.

A lollipop stick lay on the ground near various items of clothing.

Local radio reporter Lucy Short spoke to Sky News from outside the school in Fontygary Road.

“Reports that I’ve got from people who witnessed the accident say that the car was pulling off at quite a slow rate of speed and accelerated suddenly,” she said.

“It’s not known why that happened. It would appear to be a sad but freak accident.

“It appears that as it went over the speed bump where the crossing is, it may have turned over because of that and the collision with the pedestrian.”

South Wales Police say the accident caused a mixture of serious and minor injuries, but no fatalities. The ages of those hurt is not yet known.

Steve Francis from Capital radio told Sky News that witnesses reported hearing an “incredible bang”.

He said he could see “blood everywhere” outside the school, which teachers could be seen attempting to clear.

A number of people at the scene were said to be in tears.

Ian Morris, divisional manager for surgery at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, said: “The emergency unit at University Hospital of Wales is treating adults and children involved in the incident in Rhoose.”

A spokeswoman for Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust said a “major incident” had been declared and that casualties had been treated at the scene for more than an hour before being taken to hospital.

The road outside the school is now open to traffic, although there is a high level of police presence.

Parents are understandably shocked about what happened in Vale of Glamorgan However, they were reluctant to remove their students from school early to avoid the students being overly stress counsellors have been on hand at the school to offer the students advice

Update   23.06.2013

Lollipop Lady Karin Williams Is suffering several broken bones,she is being treated at University Hospital of Wales (UHW),  in Cardiff, where  a schoolgirl remains in intensive care also  three other youngsters have been treated for their injuries.

Mrs Williams’ husband Lyndon said in an interview “We are so proud of her and what she did … we love her so much.

“She cannot remember too much about the crash at the minute but all she keeps asking about is the children.

She suffered two broken patellas (kneecaps), a broken elbow, a broken shoulder and she has a badly swollen face but she is going to be OK.”

The driver in the black Audi car Said in an interview with the BBC

“I haven’t a clue what happened.”

He was taking his grand-daughter to the school when the accident happened. Both of them suffered cuts and bruises.

Mr Bell told BBC Wales: “I was stationary and my grand-daughter said I coughed and the next thing I knew I’m coming round and I’d been unconscious and upside down.”

Police are treating what happened as an accident and are due to interview Mr Bell.

Rhws Primary School Continuing to offer counselling to who  requires counselling as you may imagine, this is an ongoing process,

Headteacher Louise Lynn said: “Children in school are coping well. We are maintaining a normal routine as much as possible and this is helping them to manage.”

From what I can gather all casualties have now been discharge that were sent to hospital There is only one woman at University Hospital of Wales