New Uk And London Domains Coming In 2014

New Uk And London Domains Coming In 2014

The UK’s domain registry announced it will soon launch its simpler .uk domain.

While new registrations are encouraged, ten million existing customers (that have registered either a or address) won’t need to rush: they’ll have five years to claim a shorter version of their current address.

The new .uk domain will launch on February 2014.

Also, ICANN, regulator of all things domain related, gave the British capital the go-ahead to offer .london addresses to “businesses, organisations and individuals”.

While it gives Londoners the chance to show a bit of hometown love, the domain has already attracted the attention of “tens of thousands of businesses,” which will do their bit to help boost London’s online identity.

You should expect to pay a little extra to secure your own little piece of .london when registration opens in Spring 2014.

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