Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

There has been word on the street that a Plus-sized version of the Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is on its way, we’ve heard that before Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 5, or maybe even at the same time, it will be supersizing its current Android flagship smartphone.

There were also previous rumours that the company would consider a standard Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus too, but those have waned of late and it is thought that only the edge will get a beefier version, bringing that gorgeous wrapped-screen design aesthetic to the larger phone market.

So we’ve decided to round-up all of the rumours and speculation so far to give you an idea of what, where and when the Galaxy S6 edge Plus might appear. We’ll also regularly update this feature as and when more speculation surfaces.

The first mention of a bigger Galaxy S6 called the device the “Grand”, as in Galaxy S6 Grand, but sources have taken to call it the Plus in more recent times.

That first surfaced after reports said that Samsung was working on a device it was calling Project Zero 2, and as both the original SGS6 and SGS6 edge were codenamed Project Zero, it makes sense that the new moniker referred to a larger-sized handset in the same family.

Where the actual “Plus” name came from originally though is unclear.

A Samsung filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office was found that listed the name “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus”, with the symbol rather than the full “plus”. The application for the trademark was filed on 26 June and is yet to be approved.

Companies file trademarks all the time on names they never use, but this does suggest that Samsung is considering a larger S6 edge, and it might put to bed the previously rumoured standard S6 Plus.

Samsung will unveil its next Galaxy smartphone or phones on 13 August during a “Galaxy Unpacked 2015” event. You’ll be able to watch the presentation live here. It’s suggested that date is set in August in order to avoid conflict with an updated iPhone 6 Plus, expected to unveil in October.

It’s all but certain now after leaking on Samsung’s official French site.
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