Samsung Wins Japan Court Battle Over Apple

Samsung Wins Japan Court Battle Over Apple

  • Posted: Aug 31, 2012
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A court in Tokyo dismisses Apple’s claim that Samsung infringed a patent in the latest row between the two technology firms.

Samsung has won the latest stage of its patent saga with rival technology giant Apple after a Tokyo court ruled in favour of the South Korean company.

The Japanese court case addressed only the synchronising technology that allows media players to share data with personal computers.

The new result from Apple is not comparable in scope to the much larger case won by Apple in the US last week.

In California, the court ruled that Samsung had illegally used Apple creations such as the ‘bounce-back’ feature when a user scrolls to an end image, and the ability to zoom text with a tap of a finger, in its products.

The jury awarded Apple $1bn (£630m) in damages, and a judge is now evaluating Apple’s request to have eight Samsung products pulled from shelves and banned from the US market, including popular Galaxy model smartphones.

The last Samsung model, the Galaxy S3, was not part of the US ruling.

Judge Tamotsu Shoji took just a few minutes to reach his decision on Friday in Japan. He said he did not think Samsung’s technology that allows media players and personal computers to share music files and other content infringed on Apple patents.

The Apple lawyer did not give any comment and did not feel de need to appeal the ruling.

This is the battle between 2 tech giants whether Apple have always been the leaders in technology and Samsung now wants to bring their products to similar standards to Apple. This sometimes means that Samsung has not entirely came up with the idea which means they use some of Apples ideas in their phones and this is where the problem lies.

Both companies have experience in technology but Samsung is technology in entertainment industry(like TVs, home cinemas). Applle in the smartphones and tablet computers industry.

Seo Won-seok, an analyst at Seoul-based Korea Investment & Securities, said the Tokyo verdict showed that the various cases may not be affected by Apple’s major victory in California.

“The favourable ruling for Samsung convinces me that lawsuits in other countries may play out differently from the one in the US,” he said.

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