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Cinemas Release On 01 August 2012

Cinemas Release On 01 August 2012

  • Posted: Aug 01, 2012
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Released: 01.08.2012

Description: Ted mixes live action and CG-animation to bring to life this laugh-out-loud-funny tale of man whose life is being ruined by his childhood teddy bear. And this is no ordinary teddy. While the young John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is delighted when his favourite toy is magically brought to life, by adulthood, his furry friend has turned into a bit of a drag. Outspoken, lecherous and a bit of a liability, he’s basically an even blokier version of John himself. And when John’s girlfriend Lori wants him to get serious and ditch Ted, John’s got some very hard thinking to do.Buy Vue Cinema tickets online for Ted and watch the film trailer below. read more

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