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Taking Digital Devices To Bed ‘Prevents Children Sleeping

Taking Digital Devices To Bed ‘Prevents Children Sleeping

The charity Tablets for Schools warns that almost half of children are addicted to smartphones as it advises children to buy alarm clocks rather than take internet-enabled gadgets to bed

children using phones in bed

The document says that use of internet-enabled devices in the evening can stimulate brain activity and prevent children getting

Children have been told to buy traditional alarm clocks rather than rely on smartphones to wake them up in the morning amid fears over widespread “addiction” to electronic gadgets.

Guidance being sent to schools advises pupils to switch off iPhones, tablet computers or laptops in the evening to give them proper time to sleep. read more

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Latin Learning Is On The Rise In Schools

Latin Learning Is On The Rise In Schools

A growing number of children as young as seven are learning Latin in a move to improve their literacy and understanding of ancient civilisations.

Existing teachers are being trained to take the lessons with funding from the charity Classics for All, and a group of 20 schools in Norfolk is showing what can be achieved.

Project co-ordinator Jane Maguire said: “It gives them the ability to understand sometimes quite hard words in English and to interpret them through their knowledge of Latin.”

“It gives them an understanding of the grammatical structure of a language which helps them when they come to learn a modern language and it opens up the whole legacy of the Roman empire which is all around us.” read more

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Smacking Children Should Be Banned

Smacking Children Should Be Banned

Parents should be banned from smacking their children, according to the Children’s Commissioner for England.

Maggie Atkinson said it was her personal view that the law gives pets and adults more rights to be protected from violence than children.

Dr Atkinson said she favours a total ban on smacking, which would see parents face criminal action for corporal punishment.

Current rules make it illegal for a parent to smack a child if it leaves a bruise, but permit a lighter smack or “reasonable chastisement”. read more

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