Drug Gang Sells Cannabis To School Children

Drug Gang Sells Cannabis To School Children

The boss of the south London firm claims the cannabis trade in Britain is “the biggest it has ever been” despite continued police efforts to disrupt the illegal trade.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the man in his twenties said he employs more than 30 workers.

He explained how they had at least three factories supplying people in south London and even claims he exports the class B drug to the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

The boss said: “We have a type of weed over here called ‘English cheese’.”

“It was created over here – in Amsterdam they don’t have that so they try to create that but they just can’t because it is what we make and that’s what they want.”

But it is his claim that dealers are peddling drugs to primary school-aged children in London that will shock many parents. read more

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