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Christmas Wishlist Warning: Avoid Hoverboards

Christmas Wishlist Warning: Avoid Hoverboards

Christmas Wishlist Warning: Avoid Hoverboards. The gadgets top many festive wishlists but they could pose major fire risks, the Local Government Authority has warned consumers.

Local authorities are urging shoppers to think twice about buying hoverboards for Christmas because of the “significant” fire risks they pose.

The call from the Local Government Association (LGA), which represents 46 fire authorities in England and Wales, comes after a number of major retailers pulled the self-balancing scooters from their shelves.

The LGA said more than 80% of 38,000 hoverboards stopped from entering the UK by Trading Standards since October had been deemed unsafe – many because of an “increased risk of exploding or bursting into flames”. read more

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Blue Badge Scheme

Blue Badge Scheme

  • Posted: Nov 01, 2012
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Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge scheme  provides a range of parking concessions for people with severe mobility  problems who have difficulty using public transport. The badge enables holders  to park close to where they need to go. The scheme operates throughout the UK, and is  administered by local authorities who deal with applications and issue badges.

Apply for a blue badge read more

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