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Bedroom Tax is Once Again In The Public Eye

Bedroom Tax is Once Again In The Public Eye

Bedroom Tax is Once Again In The Public Eye Because Lib Dems Withdraw Support.

Nick Clegg denies the call for a reform of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ is a u-turn, with the coalition partners set for a bruising battle.

The Liberal Democrats have withdrawn support for the so-called “bedroom tax” setting up a showdown with the Conservatives and sparking questions over credibility.

Will Nick Clegg's U-turn threaten the coalition?

Will Nick Clegg’s U-turn threaten the coalition? read more

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Government Intends To Nationally Ranked Primary School Pupils

Government Intends To Nationally Ranked Primary School Pupils

Pupils across the country would be tested and ranked in 10% ability bands, but headteachers are not convinced by the plan

Primary schoolchildren will be ranked against their peers across the country under Government proposals.

Eleven-year-olds would sit tests and be put into 10% ability bands, with parents then being updated on their child’s ranking.

The move is one of a raft of proposals by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Schools Minister David Laws aimed at raising primary school standards and ensuring youngsters are ready for secondary school. read more

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Lords reform Definitely Ditched

Lords reform Definitely Ditched

  • Posted: Aug 06, 2012
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Lib Dem MPs will try to   block Conservative  plans to drive House of Lords into a different direction.

The Deputy PM has said he was dropping Lords reform after David Cameron told him Tory MPs were not prepared to support changes.

Nick Clegg said that the Tories had “broken the contract” between the coalition partners, even though his party had consistently delivered on its side of the deal.

He told a news conference in London: “The Conservative Party is not honouring the commitment to the Lords reform and, as a result, part of our contract has now been broken. read more

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NHS ‘Is Failing’ Mental Health Patients

Nick Clegg launches plans for improved mental health care, as charities say GPs are not taking patient’s symptoms seriously

The NHS is still failing people with mental health problems, despite a Government strategy launched more than a year ago.

Patients in some areas are waiting at least three months for specialist counselling. Some of them end up going private because they need more urgent care.

Others are developing more severe symptoms because doctors do not take warning signs seriously enough. read more

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