Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

It’s actually pretty difficult to imagine a more important smartphone launch in recent history than the Galaxy S6.

Important in the sense that it was absolutely vital for the manufacturer in question, Samsung, to not only get it right, but to absolutely knock it out of the park.

As always, there was the usual pressure  created by months of hype, rumour-mongering, and the rabid, eager anticipation of millions of Samsung fans, but on top of that you had the fact that Samsung handsets have been a bit disappointing for a while now AND, most crucially of all, the Galaxy S5, the last shot at this, was pretty much a flop. It failed to capture consumers’ imaginations, and did not sell too well at all.

So Samsung knew this time round it needed a BIG hit with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 EDGE –– anything less would’ve been a disaster with dire consequences for the Galaxy S brand and Samsung’s bottom line in 2015. read more

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