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‘Diet Scanners’ To Be Fitted In Smartphones

‘Diet Scanners’ To Be Fitted In Smartphones

Technology allowing phone users to find out sugar levels in a piece of fruit, or the fat in cheese, could be widespread in years.

Within just a few years, every smartphone could be fitted with a tiny molecular scanner that would transform what we know about the physical world.

That’s the prediction of the CEO of Consumer Physics, an Israeli start-up company that has developed a hand-held scanner they say will open up a new branch of easily accessible knowledge for the public. read more

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Cheques – Smartphone Scans Could Ensure Future

Cheques – Smartphone Scans Could Ensure Future

The Government wants to speed up cheque payments by allowing banks to use images rather than requiring the actual piece of paper.

People will be able to use their smartphones to make a payment by cheque under new Government proposals.

There were plans to kill of cheques from 2018 but, because of a public outcry, the plans were scrapped and the Government now describes cheques as a “crucial” part of the British payments landscape.

However, it believes that by bringing them into the modern age, it could cut the length of time it takes to process a cheque payment from up to six days to two at the most. read more

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Sony Releases New Smartphone Xperia Z

Sony Releases New Smartphone Xperia Z

Sony company just released his new smartphone, Sony Xperia Z, with a 5in screen. The 5in display has as many pixels as a 55in Full HD flatscreen TV.

That’s around 2 million, if you’re counting.

The Xperia Z also looks good because the design is simple to the point of discretion. Save for the Sony logo, the front of the phone is one black rectangle with gently curved edges. The back is similarly plain, though with the word Xperia on it.

Pretty pixels read more

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