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Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers

Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers

Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers, NHS braced for possible repeat of cyberattack chaos on Monday

Global Hacking Attack Infects 57,000 Computers, almost 50 NHS trusts were hit by Friday’s cyberattack – and there are fears of fresh disruption today when people return to work.

Hackers exploit stolen US spy agency tools to launch massive cyber-attack on nearly 100 countries with Russia hit hard.

A global cyber-attack using hacking tools believed to have been created by the US National Security Agency (NSA) has infected tens of thousands of computers in nearly 100 countries.

Cyber-extortionists on Friday tricked victims into opening malicious malware attachments to spam emails that appeared to contain invoices, job offers, security warnings, and other legitimate files.

The ransomware then encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments of $300-$600 to restore access. Security researchers said they observed some victims paying via the digital currency bitcoin, though they did not know what percent had given in to the digital extortionists. read more

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Mosquitoes Heading For Warmer UK

Mosquitoes Heading For Warmer UK

Rising temperatures will make the damp British climate perfect for the disease-carrying insects, according to scientists.

mosquito 1Mosquitoes carrying potentially deadly diseases, such as dengue fever and West Nile virus, could become widespread across the UK in the next few decades, experts have said.

Writing in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, scientists claim warmer temperatures and more rainfall – both outcomes of climate change – could provide ideal conditions in the UK for the unwelcome visitors, particularly southern England.

The UK climate is already said to be suitable for mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus, an infection that causes a flu-like illness which on rare occasions can prove fatal. read more

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