Storm Imogen Hit United Kingdom

Storm Imogen Hit United Kingdom

BRITAIN was lashed by hurricane-force winds that reached nearly 100mph and torrential rains as a cataclysmic weather system called Storm Imogen battered parts of the country and claimed its first tragic victims.

The gales will be strong enough to damage trees and buildings, knock out power supplies and whip up colossal waves along coastal regions.The south is in the firing line to take the brunt of the storm while plunging temperatures in the north will bring snow.

Terrifying gales of up to 100mph have made Britain the third windiest place in the world.

A dedicated RSPCA has gone missing from a storm-ravaged beach where he was trying to help a flock of gannets.

A major air and sea search rescue operation is underway for Inspector Mike Read who had been called out to an urgent wildlife rescue of gannets stranded at Porthchapel beach near Penzance. read more

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