The Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is casting its shadow across Europe as millions of people defy gloomy weather forecasts to watch the rare astronomical spectacle.

Live reaction as Britain watches an astronomical spectacle The Solar Eclipse that will not be seen in the UK for another 10 years.

If the smog clears up and the weather behaves, today’s partial solar eclipse is set to be the most spectacular seen in Britain for 15 years.

The Solar Eclipse:

It will begin at around 8.30am and be all over by 10.30am, with the peak for the UK at around 9.30am. However, the exact timings vary depending where in the country you are based.

All across the UK, people are gathering in preparation for the first solar eclipse to hit the country since 1999

A solar eclipse is plunging the country into almost total darkness for a brief period today as the moon moves in front of the sun.

Beginning in the south of the country, the moon is moving in front of the sun blocking its rays to the earth.

The loss of solar power generation during Friday’s eclipse will be an unprecedented test for the European grid but is very unlikely to cause problems for electricity users, according to electricity providers in the UK and Europe.

If the weather is clear on Friday morning the European grid will suddenly lose the equivalent generation of eight to ten very large coal power plants as the moon passes between solar panels and the sun.

The loss of generation will occur over a much shorter period than it takes to get dark at night. The eclipse will cover about 85% of the sun from the centre of the viewing zone.
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