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Latin Learning Is On The Rise In Schools

Latin Learning Is On The Rise In Schools

A growing number of children as young as seven are learning Latin in a move to improve their literacy and understanding of ancient civilisations.

Existing teachers are being trained to take the lessons with funding from the charity Classics for All, and a group of 20 schools in Norfolk is showing what can be achieved.

Project co-ordinator Jane Maguire said: “It gives them the ability to understand sometimes quite hard words in English and to interpret them through their knowledge of Latin.”

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National Curriculum Changes Announced

National Curriculum Changes Announced

  • Posted: Jul 08, 2013
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As a new national curriculum is launched, a teaching union says the number of changes could lead to “meltdown” in schools.

A controversial new national curriculum that puts the emphasis on building a strong knowledge base has been unveiled.

The Government says the slimmed-down document will set out only the “essential knowledge that all children should acquire”, leaving teachers free to tailor the rest of their lessons.

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