Speed Cameras ‘Are Too Strict’, Says Pioneer

Speed Cameras ‘Are Too Strict’, Says Pioneer

Speed Cameras ‘Are Too Strict’, Says Pioneer. The policeman behind the installation of the UK’s first speed camera in 1992 now believes they are too harsh on minor offenders.

The public no longer supports the use of speed cameras on British roads, according to the policeman who introduced them in 1992.

Roger Reynolds has claimed enforcement agencies are too strict on minor offenders, with 38% of motorists caught speeding just 5mph to 9mph over the limit.

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Speed Trap Installer Roger Reynolds

He told Sky News: “If you see someone speeding at 50mph or 60mph in a 30mph zone, you think ‘I wish they’d get caught’.

“But when it’s you getting caught for doing 31mph, it’s a different kettle of fish.”

Nearly a million motorists were caught speeding last year – even though only 23% of the country’s 1,714 fixed cameras are switched on.

A further 774,537 people were booked by 345 mobile units dotted around the UK.

Mr Reynolds has warned that speed cameras have not always proved to be an effective method of tackling such offences.

One in eight drivers was sanctioned for driving just 1mph to 4mph over the limit, research by Confused.com also found.

The former officer said the figures showed speed cameras were being used to raise revenue, without being “tough enough on those who really pose a danger on the roads”.

He added: “Initially we started using them as a road safety tool – trying to reduce overall speed levels and save lives. Accidents are costing us millions and millions every day.

“I think we need to get back to winning that public support.”
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