A Bomb Has Been Discovered At Wembley Stadium

A Bomb Has Been Discovered At Wembley Stadium

A Bomb Has Been Discovered At Wembley Stadium. The army have discovered a bomb at Wembley Stadium builders uncover a bomb from 1940.

The bomb disposal experts have been drafted in to defuse an undetonated World War Two bomb near Wembley Stadium which they have said poses “a genuine risk to life”.

The 50kg explosive, which is thought to have been dropped during Nazi bombing raids in the early 1940s.

wembley stadium bomb

Wembley Stadium nazi bomb from 1940

Everybody in the surrounding area have been evacuated.

The army said the bomb is still active and dangerous and it is in a unstable condition. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the number of evacuees so far was “relatively small”.

Army engineers have also built a blast wall around the site in order to limit the damage of an accidental explosion.

The team is very well experienced. They’ve dealt with Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland which are much more complex than Second World War munitions, the Army spokesman added.

The bomb will be moved to the undisclosed detonation site, where it is expected to be detonated on Friday afternoon.

Wembley bosses have said the bomb will not affect crucial Football League play-off finals  due to be played at the stadium this weekend.

In a tweet from the official Wembley account, they said: “This weekend’s games remain unaffected & we look forward to welcoming supporters of all six @football_league Play-Off finalists to #Wembley”.

The explosive was detonated by experts just after 5pm at an unspecified location in Bedfordshire, according to Bedfordshire Police
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